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There’s an old saying about the betting industry: if you can think about it then you can bet on it. Whilst that isn’t technically true, there are a wide range of things that you can place wagers on and the list extends to anything, as long as a bookmaker thinks that there’s a market. The event in question must have a definitive outcome and be a public event.

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Sure, you could play the stock market by buying index funds, and you could legally “bet” on individual stocks by purchasing ones you like—but you could lose your shirt.

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Run your own book - on anything. It's free and easy to create bets, and you make a cut from the pot! Level up by resolving your bets correctly and earn rep from the community.

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BetOnIt.org is for people looking to bet on anything and everything in the world online for real money. Nowadays you can bet on almost anything at an online sportsbook from sports to television shows and the internet is by far the best place to do it. Our goal is to provide honest information about how and where to bet on anything from soccer matches to who will win the x-factor this season.

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Political issues are always things that you can bet on, though they tend to fit far more readily into the category of ‘boring’ than novelty. If you want to place a wager on something that is more interesting and is constantly changing then make sure to have a look in your bookmaker of choice’s cultural area.

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1. To place a bet of some amount on some event: I bet $5 on the first race of the evening. I'm not going to bet on the last race. 2. To place a bet of some amount on some participant in an event: We bet $200 on the home team, but they lost. Don't bet anything on me in this game; I'm not a very good player.

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You can bet on politics from anywhere in the world so long as it’s legal and you have internet access. Research It’s never been easier than it is today to research politics.

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You can use an exchange to propose a bet. Therefore if you think a team will lost by 3 or more goals and a player will see red, for example, instead of requesting the bet you could lay the opposite of this on an exchange (team to concede less than 3 goals and no red card). This in effect gives the same result but will generally be better value.