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Urban Dictionary: Basket

1. A reference to the outline of the male genital area as viewed through pants/ swimsuit / undergarment. See also package. Term often used by gay men in assessing the potential size of a potential suitor.

Urban Dictionary: 🤠

Used to describe your feeling when you're happy on the outside but dying and over it on the inside. In pop culture, it has most frequently been used by YouTuber Antonio Garza.

Urban Dictionary: 💀

Someone that’s dying of laughter. Emoticon used in urban slang for the act of being dead; a result of something being overtly hilarious so much that it kills you Synonyms- 😂😭😩 Antonyms- 😒😴👎🚮

Urban Dictionary: 🔓

Unlocked lock emoji. People usually use thia emoji to describe themselves as single.

Urban Dictionary: Heart Emoji

Various colored hearts sent from a phone often with different meanings. When in actuality each color represents whatever the fuck tou want it to.

Urban Dictionary: Moon Emoji

•When you don't give a fuck and answer your crush with the moon emoji when they rejected you. •When you guess something and it's your final answer, but you don't want anyone to know its a guess and that you'll regret it later Before you surprise/fuck someone over When you're about to fuck

Urban Dictionary: Brick

3 A basketball shot in which the ball bounces off the backboard and/or hits the rim, but does not go though the net. 4 A large quantity of drugs packaged in a brick shape, especially cocaine. 5 An external power transformer that provides power from a wall socket to a laptop, wireless router, projector, etc 6 A piece of electronic equipment that has been rendered inoperable.

Urban Dictionary: Bunny

A definition regarding a girls appearance or singling out personality traits such as cute and funny. Bunnies are usually excessively kind, caring, and understanding to their friends specifically.

💁 All Emoji Meanings & Pictures - 🔥 HotEmoji

Smiling Face with Heart-Eyes. ️. Red Heart. 😘. Face Blowing a Kiss. 😭. Loudly Crying Face. 😊. Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes.