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coral – Wiktionary tiếng Việt

coral /ˈkɔr.əl/ ... true coral needs no painter's brush: ( ) Hữu xạ tự nhiên hương.

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true coral needs no painter's brush (tục ngữ) hữu xạ tự nhiên hương.

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For other uses, see Coral (disambiguation) ... Red sea fingers (Alcyonium glomeratum), a soft coral Grooved brain coral (Diploria labyrinthiformis), a hard coral Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia ...

Coral Reef Alliance | Saving the World’s Coral Reefs

The Coral Reef Alliance (CORAL) is an environmental NGO that is on a mission to save the world’s coral reefs. We work collaboratively with communities to reduce direct threats to reefs in ways that provide ...

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Ý nghĩa của coral trong tiếng Anh. ... a coral bracelet/necklace.


Coral coral.co.uk Fancy a bet? Money to be made? Cora Coral's odds of Meghan having another baby next year Coral platform Coral: gb ie es Coral Sports Free sports.coral.co.uk

Coral là gì, Nghĩa của từ Coral | Từ điển Anh - Việt - Rung.vn

Coral là gì: / ´kɔrəl /, Danh từ: san hô, Đồ chơi bằng san hô (của trẻ con), bọc trứng tôm hùm, Tính từ: Đỏ như san hô, (thuộc) san hô, Hóa ...

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Biodiversity of a coral reef. ... A coral reef is an underwater ecosystem characterized by reef-building corals. Reefs are formed of colonies of coral polyps held together by calcium carbonate. Most coral reefs ...

Coral là gì, Nghĩa của từ Coral | Từ điển Anh - Anh - Rung.vn

Coral là gì: the hard, variously colored, calcareous skeleton secreted by certain marine polyps., such skeletons collectively, forming reefs, islands, etc., the solitary or colonial polyp that secretes ...


About Coral. ... Coral is a complete toolkit to build products with local AI. Our on-device inferencing capabilities allow you to build products that are efficient, private, fast and offline.